Doing Good In Dominical

Well our 2016 stoke season is officially kicked off. This past week we spent time in Dominical, Costa Rica with a great group of female surfers.  We love going to Costa Rica for several reasons.  First, it is very close for us and easy to get to.  Two, the people there are amazing. Three, the ceviche is to die for:)  Four, the waves are good!  We could go on but we won’t.  IMG_3328IMG_3325

Three years ago we donated some surfboards there through a local surf camp owner, Jeanine Haddid of Dominical Waverider. Since then we have stayed in contact and have had regular updates on the kids we stoked out before. Last year, a local girl from Domincalito named Claudi Schulz Sonco asked Debbie Zec and later on Jeanine Haddad for help in starting a girls surf “project”. So in May of 2015 the three women vowed to help the young girls in the town learn to surf. So Chicas Con Proposito (Girls With Purpose) was born and instantly there was a group for the girls to attend and to experience surfing.12068603_1645651232360272_313020558485879480_oAt first they started out with five girls but word quickly spread and now they have up to 25 girls who regularly attend the sessions. When speaking to Jeanine I asked her what she hopes to accomplish with the girls and she said that the goal is to have them surf, to do better things in their life and to give them an outlet.

On the day we got to meet up with the chicas we had laid down the Firewire Surfboards, complete with FCS fins and Sticky Bumps Wax and while I was filming I was watching out of one eye how the girls reacted to seeing the new surfboards and it was really neat to see how excited they got.FullSizeRender copy They all leaned down over them and touched them. For me too, the feel of a new surfboard without wax is something special. There was no hiding how they felt based on their smiles and how giddy they were. This is the moment of what we live for. But even more than the excitement of a brand new board, what this brand new board represents is unfathomable for most. For us a surfboard represents life. It represents endless possibilities. It can be a vehicle to find out who you really are. Surfing can be that beginning to the life you always wanted. THAT my friend is why Share The Stoke Foundation exists. We are that vehicle for these children.FullSizeRender copy 2

We would like to send out a special thanks to Vivian at Domilocos for seeing the value in Chicas Con Proposito and taking great care of us with lodging. If you are looking for a great place to stay in Dominical check it out. It is right next to the beach, clean and has air conditioning.

Massive thanks to Claudia for being a positive light in a world that sometimes needs to be brightened up. We are grateful that she had the confidence to stand up and say I can make a difference and she did. We are stoked to know you!FullSizeRender_1



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